A thorough inspection can take approximately 3 hours or more depending on the size and type of the house. Although the average house will  take about 2 hours for the inspection and up to 2  hours for report writing and editing. The report must be provided to you within 24 hours after the inspection.  

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Everything in, on, or about your home and its systems. In and out – from top to bottom!

 Key points :

-It includes the hard to reach areas like roof, attic and crawl spaces, (if they are safe and accessible). 

-The garage and its components.

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For peace of mind! The more you know about the home you purchase, the better. Having a professional “snapshot in time” of the current state of the  home will help you to make an informed decision, rather than taking unnecessary risk.

Technically, no. The only person that MUST be there is of course the home inspector. That being said, it is in the best interest of the buyer to be present at the time of inspection. It is a good time to ask your inspector any questions about the home, its systems, and maintenance. 

If the buyer cannot attend the inspection, the agent will be there to open the door for the inspector and will usually attend. 

Whether you attend or not, you will still receive a detailed and thorough inspection.  The information gathered from the inspection will be provided to the buyer via the digital inspection report and is the property of the buyer alone.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It is the worlds largest trade organization of residential and commercial property inspectors.

It’s an excellent way to be proactive and make sure your house is ship-shape before it is put on the market. A “sellers”, or pre inspection, gives you a professional in depth view on deficiencies in your home. This will help to cut down on costly surprises and delays at the point of sale. 


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